Glossy, a media group, highlights innovative digital technologies that are revolutionizing the fashion, beauty, and luxury industries. Each year, the organization holds an awards ceremony to recognize the top brands in the business doing just that – implementing new and creative digital solutions to stand out against the competition and grow their brand. To better represent brands within the independent industries, the Glossy Awards was split into Glossy Fashion Awards and Glossy Beauty Awards for the first year in the history of this prestigious awards.  

On August 13, Glossy announced this year’s outstanding award recipients, including AVX Digital and Tip Top for Best Use of Video. Our team is honored to have been among an inspiring array of competitors such as David’s Bridal, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Naadam. Other award recipients and finalists include Starbucks, Allbirds, The North Face, Stuart Weitzman, The Knot, and more. 

“Canadian men’s retailer Tip Top turned to social-media pioneer AVX Digital to spearhead a video campaign promoting the brand’s new prom line for high-school-aged males and their parents. The companies leveraged programmatic networks and connected TV platforms, including Roku and Apple TV. In addition, AVX Digital turned Tip Top on to TikTok, becoming one of the first advertisers on the video app. For brands targeting younger customers, TikTok is a “tip top” solution.” – Glossy, 2020

As their agency of record for over four years, Tip Top knew they could rely on our team at AVX Digital for innovative strategies and effective campaigns. Regarding this specific campaign, their goals included reaching new audiences and promoting their new modern fit prom apparel line to ultimately drive conversions. 

Our strategists analyzed the target audiences that were projected to have a high propensity to engage with the brands’ new apparel line. The two major segments identified were teen males anticipating prom season, as well as the parents who were likely to have the disposable income to purchase suits for their students. 

Thinking outside of the box, our analysts noticed that the younger target audience was engaging with a new social media app, TikTok. This gave the team the idea to create a customized campaign – becoming one of the first advertisers on the platform. In addition to the young, yet dynamic social media platform, the paid media strategy included leveraging programmatic networks to run the campaign through Connected TV/OTT devices, such as Hulu, Apple TV, and Roku. 

For optimal results, it was decided to support these newer formats with traditional strategies as well. Google Paid Search, Facebook Advertising, and Search Engine Optimization solutions were developed to drive low-funnel conversions. 

The uncertainty of advertising on TikTok, a platform with new targeting mechanisms and minimal historical data to assist with performance forecasting, was proven to be a risk worth taking. The team reported low competition in the ad auction, resulting in a more efficient cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Our team of accomplished professionals at AVX Digital concluded the successful campaign with a total of 46,318 minutes of content consumed on TikTok, 302,261 minutes watched over Connected TV/OTT devices, and drove a new audience reach of 258,031 and 898,000 unique users, respectively. Connected TV/OTT performance reports also noted that clickable devices recorded a click-through rate that outperformed industry standards by 4x.

Although we are always proud of our work, we are especially honored to have this cutting edge strategy acknowledged by such a distinguished award. We’d like to thank our partners, Tip Top, for giving us the opportunity to promote their brand and its products, as well as our utmost gratitude to Glossy Fashion Awards for their consideration and recognition. 

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