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Advertising through Amazon

Advertising through Amazon is an easy transition for most marketers since many advertising options are similar to other platforms such as the Google Shopping Network. All sponsored content is denoted with “Sponsored” or “Ad” disclosed next to the boosted content.

Sponsored Products on Amazon’s marketplace is similar to how products are advertised over search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. By sponsoring specific products, brands are able to gain better visibility for selected products on Amazon’s shopping result pages.

Implementing this type of advertising can support brand awareness by ensuring that if consumers are searching for a certain product, they will have an easier time finding what they are looking for. This can result in great exposure for brands that have the right products but could benefit from an increase of visibility for the right consumers!

This advertising avenue is very inclusive with a Pay Per Click (PPC) pricing structure – meaning businesses will only have to pay for any time that a consumer engages with (or clicks on) the sponsored product. Budgets of all sizes can implement this plan into their marketing strategy.

Sponsored Brands is a more enhanced option from Sponsored Products. Sponsored Brands appear on relevant search pages with the brand name, logo, a custom headline, and a few featured products.
Customers are able to not only find products they are looking for but can discover the brand as a whole or continue to shop with the brand with increased brand loyalty.

Sponsored Brands are also on a PPC cost structure – an option for budgets of all sizes. An additional benefit to Sponsored Brands is the ability for unique reporting capabilities that feature new-to-brand (or new customer) metrics and total first-time sales over a 12 month period for better insight into new customer acquisitions. To display unique and memorable branding along with a cohesive total experience for consumers, the AVX Digital creative team can help improve or develop customized branding for any client.

Have you ever been on a website and see a product on the top or sides of the page denoted with “Ad” or “Sponsored”? That is Display advertising! Sponsored Display is a proactive opportunity to gain visibility to the right consumers on and off of Amazon. Products can be promoted on Amazon’s platform on both search result pages and individual product pages, as well as off of Amazon’s platform entirely.

Display ads utilize relevant 3rd party sites to position banners around the site’s content to remarket towards audiences that have shown interest. This catches the attention of consumers within any phase of the sales funnel. Specific audience targeting methods can vary based on the best strategy for each client. The targeting mechanisms available are Views Targeting, Product Targeting, and Interest Targeting. While this advertising approach is also a Pay Per Click (PPC) cost structure, high spending requirements can cause many to consider other platforms.

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