While it is important to have a regular cadence of adding new content to a website, it is also valuable to nurture past content with updates. In an ongoing process to do so for the AVX website, we started with the pages that were already receiving organic traffic and seeing above-average performance. One particular 2-year-old blog post was generating traffic due to its content but lacked updated SEO optimization that would maximize its performance. Once the post was audited, we updated the text and planned and implemented the SEO list of optimizations that would increase traffic to this post even further.

Search Engine Optimization

We followed SEO best practices and made technical improvements
based on keyword research. There were several areas where the
blog post could be updated with these improvements.


We started reviewing the blog post with our SEO tools by analyzing competitors who were outranking this page. Looking at the SERP features for these keywords, we soon discovered the top results were being displayed as a Featured Snippet as a list. The first change we did was update each line of display size dimensions and their notes into an unordered list. Next, we used our keyword research to determine which semantically related keywords this page could potentially rank for. Ideal keywords in this situation contained higher search volume and low to medium competition. Once we determined these, we added H2 tags between each paragraph that contained these desirable keywords, and also helped break up the content and make it easier to understand to both users and search engines. Finally, we updated the H1 to better describe the entire post in a few words.

Key Performance Indicators

Changes resulted in a Google Featured Snippet. Featured Snippets appear at the top of the search results and show your website as the authority of the subject while increasing clicks and traffic to the page.

1,052December 2019 vs
April 2020 Sessions

1039December 2019 vs
April 2020 Clicks

Working on the AVX blog optimization was a rewarding experience to see how we can elevate our existing posts and obtain more visibility and traffic.

AVX Blog Team

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