Targeted User Audiences

By nature, Google Sponsored Promotions Ads (GSPs) have a native feel to them as they show within Gmail’s Sponsored tab. Users can easily view the ads while looking through their Gmail inbox. Based on historical results across clients, we recommended utilizing GSPs specifically as the premium ad location and uncluttered creative messaging would acquire more leads for such a specialized financial vertical than other traditional ad units.

  • We tested two versions of creative assets to drive higher CTRs across the targeted audience.
  • We made sure to reevaluate our bid strategy as performance shifted.
  • We targeted users in the Music Entertainment In-Market & Affinity Audiences to achieve balanced targeting to satisfy all goals.
Paid Search Advertising

Utilizing Google’s Display Network audience capabilities with the immersive GSP ad format resonated with users and drove above benchmark performance.

Google Sponsored Promotions

We were excited to see how our GSPs performed given the nature of the client. Relevant audience targeting as well as variety in creative assets proved to be the best strategy to test engagement and conversion volume. We were mindful of different user behavior on varying devices. Mobile devices outperformed Desktops and Tablets by 138% percent resulting in increased bid adjustments for increased conversion traffic.

Long-Term Strategy

The GSP test was so successful that it is now an evergreen campaign strategy within the larger marketing plan.

The client offered funding options that are tailored to specific artists’ needs. They understood the need of digital advertising to help them grow their business and reached out to AVX for help. Working with the client was a real pleasure and very collaborative. We teamed up to build successful GSP campaigns that helped increase conversions and decrease CPA significantly.

AVX Google Team

Case studies

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