Cohesive Branding

The three brands in Valentus’ portfolio, PoloPlaz, Absco, and Sampson Coatings, represent three different tiers of prices, consumers, and products. To bring all of these tiers together, our designers had to think of ways to bring the brands together to successfully be cohesive with each other.

  • Redesign to represent different specialties and to unite the brands with branding.
  • Freshen up the brand with new colors and create a connection between the individual brands and the parent brand.
Brand Development

AVX Digital was able to successfully reintegrate the new branding of Valentus into their website, branding booklets, and overall look and feel. By creating branding booklets, Valentus’ internal design team is able to create their own materials that follow the new branding look.

Consistent Brand Guidelines

To represent all of the brands, the Valentus branding was changed to better reflect the company’s new priorities. Taking inspiration from the previous Valentus logo and the brands they own, our designers created a new logo that encompassed the old logo’s molecule-symbol and the colors of PoloPlaz, Absco, and Sampson Coatings. Once the parent company branding was finalized, each brand got their own refreshed look and feel to work cohesively within the new Valentus branding. To keep each brand unique and consistent, our designers utilized different fonts, photos, iconography, and colors to design Branding Sheets. The Branding Sheets provide assistance to the company and any outside vendors to stay within the brand and to keep everything clean and cohesive.

Same Brand, New Branding

Taking inspiration from the previous Valentus Brand, our designers created a fresh, modern and clean colour palette with inspiration from the three acquired brands. Our work is a great blend of the past and present, representing Valentus Specialty’s aspirations and transformation into an all encompassing flooring chemicals company.

AVX was great to work with, as they took the time to understand our business. Their team probed and listened to what we needed, completing a deep dive into the details, and helped us build better and more effective websites. Their process was thorough and methodical, and their team was dedicated to assisting us with telling a cohesive story for all our brands.

Mike Brezina

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