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Connected TV Advertising

Connected TV has not only been an attractive service for households but also for marketers. Campaigns can have higher engagement rates when ads are directed towards more relevant audiences. With advanced audience targeting, various households watching the same program can experience different commercials that are catered to the unique behaviors of each household based on several targeting segments. This is useful to target users who may have visited your site before, are a look-a-like audience, or could have an interest in a brand or product based on previous online behavior. A consideration regarding targeting audiences is also understanding how much is too much. Monitoring ad frequency is a must to ensure viewers do not get overwhelmed or tired of getting the same ads too often. 

Connected TV advertising is a smart way to implement video ad campaigns to the most relevant audiences. Due to the nature of the platform, the likelihood of viewers to watch a video campaign all the way through to continue watching the entertainment being streamed is higher than traditional cable, of which oftentimes, viewers change channels during commercial breaks. This means video completion rates (VCR) are higher on average than linear tv and can optimize your cost per completed view (CPCV). Complementary to this, on Connected TV devices, advertisements can take advantage of 100% of the screen space allowing marketers to have 100% of the viewer’s attention during the duration of the campaign. 

There are many attributes that contribute to the increasing popularity of Connected TV and its advertising capabilities. Contact the AVX Digital team to see how Connected TV could amplify your digital marketing strategy.


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