Looking Closer at Search Engine Optimization

At its core, SEO is simple: Designing a website to bring in as many visitors as possible. At AVX Digital in Austin, we use several methods together to improve website functionality, and allow a brand to be found on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and more.

Website Optimization

Our SEO experts in Austin use several complementary strategies for size optimization– both seen and unseen. We emphasize improving user experience on the site by cleaning up any issues and focusing on site speed. Research shows that a large number of site visitors will lead if a page is loading too slowly – typically more than three seconds. We look at everything that can slow down a site, such as how images are formatted or how tracking scripts are implemented, to make a website run as fast as possible.

Search engines look at over 200 ranking signals when crawling a site. Our team understands the technical details behind their evaluations, and how they are positively or negatively impacting a website’s placement. We analyze opportunities for improvement on-site to help, including items such as broken links, keyword implementation, and image formatting.

We also work with off-site projects such as link building, which helps to establish the credibility of a brand. Depending on business type, we emphasize improving local listings and Online Reputation Management, building trust and visibility in the Austin area. 

We treat our customers on an individualized basis, whether they want our experts to take on a full SEO load or work alongside an in-house team. 

Content Marketing

Our content marketing strategy is designed to ensure that content across all platforms is created to give consumers information they want and need, which brings customers right to the business. A focused content strategy engages customers to enhance site visibility, both for search engines and human users.

We help revise existing content and create new content, while also determining the best way to promote it. This helps customers to stay connected even as times and information changes.

Voice Search

Though voice search is still in its early stages, at AXV Digital, we see its potential as it evolves and becomes even more intelligent. We are ahead of the competition in terms of predicting the phrasing of voice users and understanding how to optimize for them, whether they’re using a smart speaker or another voice-capable device.

We believe in voice search so much that our Chief Operating and Digital Officer, Amine Bentahar, was the first published co-author of a book on the topic of voice search

There are many factors to SEO that help brands and businesses grow in the online world. To find out more about how our SEO experts in Austin can help, please contact us!


When all is said and done, performance is what matters and our team at AVX Digital understands that. We have compiled just a few of the many success stories that have led to a retention rate of over 95%! Check out a few. We’d be happy to talk you through the details!

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