If you are selling on business, it’s imperative that you create an Amazon Store Page for your brand. The Amazon Store Page is an all-in-one spot to talk about the products you’re selling, and the story behind your business or brand.

A store page helps you get discovered more easily by shoppers, with your own branded URL. Amazon makes it as easy as possible to design your store, with templates already designed, and drag-and-drop tiles allowing for easy customization to fit your style. This helps make it easier to showcase your products that sell best.

Amazon also helps make it easier to track key statistics to help you understand your business better. With the ability to view important metrics such as sales, page views, as well as referring sites, you will be able to get into the head of the customer and meet them where they are. When you better understand what is working and what is not working, you make informed decisions that allow you to maximize profits.

The numbers from Amazon show that businesses who have set up a store page increase their repeat business. Among key figures is that stores with more than three pages have 83% higher shopper visit time, and also 32% higher sales per visitor. Stores that have been recently updated also see 21% more repeat visitors. Especially considering that it doesn’t cost any money to create an Amazon Store, it’s an amazing value to help grow online sales.

To set up an Amazon Store Page, you must first be a seller enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, a service with its own list of benefits. You do not need to advertise on Amazon or otherwise pay any extra costs to create a Store, although your Store can be used as your Amazon landing page for any sponsored campaigns that you do run. Depending on which page you want to highlight, Amazon simplifies the process to make it easier to send traffic directly to your Store or one of its subpages.

As you would expect from a website like Amazon, your store templates and widgets are designed to work well no matter the device the customer is using – desktop, mobile web, or app. With potential customers shopping on every type of device, it’s vital to be able to reach them no matter what.

When you want to send traffic to an overview of all of your products, or to a site that helps customers learn more about your brand, an Amazon Store Page is an effective way to do it. It lays out all key information that customers need to know in one place, while giving them the information needed to make an informed decision. Create one for your brand today to experience the easy benefits that Amazon offers for its sellers.

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