AI & Digital Marketing in 2018

It’s 2018 and artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. From self-driving cars to voice-powered personal assistants (Siri, Alexa, Cortana), and even your Netflix recommendations, we are living in a world where technology has never played a more vital role in our everyday lives.  AI has the potential to shape our future if not already and how we complete daily tasks. For that reason, there is no doubt we can expect great things from AI this year. But how will this affect digital marketing?

It already has. Digital marketers are figuring out how to implement AI in their customer’s journey and better understand their habits and behavior. The idea that machines are serving as gatekeepers until the very end of the consumer journey is a fairly new concept. Especially given that trends are actively changing, which in return, alter what consumers are thinking about. But this is where marketers can gain a competitive advantage. The addition of AI would let companies get a clearer picture of what kinds of content to target customers with, and build that relationship further by engaging with them. After all, customer centricity is crucial, and through artificial intelligence, content can ultimately be personalized for each person.

Getting worried that your technology knows a little too much? Don’t worry ’bout it! AI is meant to simplify our lives and more precisely, to understand what we want. Okay, so you’ve probably noticed that social media platforms have been providing you suggestions on things you might like, people you should follow, or groups you may be interested in. This is just one of the many things AI has the potential to do.

Another growing capability is augmented reality, which can be used for customers to see product dimensions in real life before actually purchasing it.  

For digital marketers, many results of AI can bring them advantages. Yet, with new technology, there are sometimes drawbacks. With personalized interactions, traditional marketing tools like SEO (search engine optimization) may be impacted by AI. While the jury is still out on how exactly this may affect SEO in the long run, human input may not be necessary to manage campaigns and adjust to new trend progressions.

In conclusion, it’s clear that A.I. is becoming a new reality and digital marketers, as always, need to follow the trend. AI’s ability to enrich our lives will allow digital marketers to think more creatively and provide our clients with new opportunities to capture leads. In the long run, this all circles back to the consumer, and fundamentally giving them the best experience possible.

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