More than ever, customers are relying on Google and the web to tell them who to do business with. If you can see negative articles or reviews online about your business, you can be sure that your customers are seeing it as well. 

This is why reputation management and the creation of good content is so important to maintain a positive image on the web. It is important that your customers see the best side of your business, and it takes work to make sure that is what comes up first online. 

First thing first – while you may sometimes be able to remove negative articles online about you, it is challenging and often not possible. It can be time-consuming, arduous, and often a dead end path. So, while this is occasionally possible, the better use of time comes from creating good content with best SEO practices in mind, and then promoting it properly. This will push down the negative content, replacing it with more positive views

Online Reputation Management

The first step is to create a strategy to combat negativity around your brand. This means finding ways to target negative articles or reviews, as well as finding key areas for growth, combining the expertise of SEO analysts, digital marketing specialists, and content creators. This will help set you on the right course to create content that can push negative things down so they are not seen.

It is important that your primary website be optimized for SEO, including incorporating brand names and ideas into headlines, titles, and meta descriptions. It also means working on ranking for other branded search terms, and making your site conducive for reviews and products. If the site was not built out by SEO experts, many of these things can fall through the cracks, opening the door for negative content to rank higher.

It is also important to create quality content, both for your website and for other, affiliated websites. Highly-targeted and optimized content is more likely to be found by search engines, pushing other content down. It may be beneficial to have multiple web properties for your business, with satellite website possibilities for things like charitable projects, a blog, or small sites for promotions or initiatives. When affiliate with your business, these have a chance to rank highly and push down alternate content.

Becoming active on social media platforms can help elevate your profile as well, giving consumers direct access to you and improving your reputation. These platforms can also help create a reputation for strong and responsive customer service, helping change the perception of your business that any negative reviews might have created. 

Negative reviews and articles online can have a directly negative impact on your business, but fortunately there are ways to combat it. The best ways revolve around creating great content using good SEO practices, and then promoting them efficiently through various channels. This can help push down negative content and help improve your reputation online.

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