Google Map Maker: Too Much Freedom for Users?

Its 2017 and Google is already making moves. Some moves are better than others. In this article, I want to discuss one of the note so great moves that Google has recently made to its MapMaker service, in which it allows users to edit certain areas of local businesses listings and add photos or update information. While Google may have had users interests in mind, there are certainly some disadvantages to allowing any Gmail user to make edits to the Google map maker.

When coming across certain unverified and even some verified pages, Google will allow you to change the email address, phone number, business name and website URL. The problem with this, is that competitors can jump on to your local map pack listings and either put their information or place false information in place of your listing. All while Google will almost automatically update the information within a 24 hour time span. Sometimes the change takes place as soon as you press enter.

This is just one of the many reasons why you must stay up to date on all of your directory listings and any place online that your company information is being placed. As with Google, many other directories rely on user generated input to adjust its listing information. Finding a digital marketing company to handle this task for you may be the way to go, or if you have time during your schedule, to check it frequently as this new Google service seems to be just getting started.

The digital age is a fun one, but can also present pitfalls of not knowing exactly the right steps to take when it comes to having a healthy web presence. As with any new product or service launched by the search engines, there is always going to be workarounds to find loopholes that work in someones favor. You need to make sure you or the digital marketing company that you have hired stays up to date on all of these new updates and finds solutions to not only preventing these things to happen, but also to move your business forward in the right steps.

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