Like many other Google updates before, this update came with a few extra unannounced surprises. This one, in particular, affects Google’s Search Engine Results Page otherwise known as SERP features. During Google’s algorithm update at the end of June, there were a series of SERP features that changed data paths. For example, Breadcrumbs, Reviews, Video, and Thumbnail altered course during the update, but these features are not the ones that received the most revision at the end of last month.

Affected Features

Answer Box

Some key features that shifted during the updated include the Answer Box. The Answer Box is the snippet that appears above organic results Google’s SERP, below paid search ads, that attempts to easily answer a user’s question.

Having an answer box also effectively puts a site ranking at position zero, the best possible organic placement so it’s fair to say it’s crucial. Prior to the update, Answer Boxes appeared on about half of the first page SERPs affecting the placement of the Image Box or any other search result feature. However, post-update, almost 60% of pages now contain an answer box, an overwhelming majority. This uptick could significantly impact the organic elements of organic search.

On a mobile platform, prior to the update Answer Boxes appeared on about 25% of page one SERPs. However, unlike its desktop partner, the Answer Box feature on mobile dropped 1.5% to 22.6% display rates.

Knowledge Panel

Heading in the complete opposite direction, the Knowledge Graph was also affected with the update but with different results. The Knowledge Graph is a feature that shows a complete profile or information block of a person, place, or thing a user is searching for that appear on the right-hand side of a SERP page.

Google knowledge graph

Before June 27th, the Knowledge Panel sat at a 10.6% showing, but fell a drastic 20% and is now at a mere 8% rate of display. This is by far the largest decrease in a SERP feature all year and is widely unprecedented.

In keeping with its desktop partner, the Knowledge Graph display rate on mobile platforms plummeted 20% undergoing an abnormal drop from 9.2% to 7.4%.

Local Pack

Another significant change in the update occurred with Google’s Local Pack. The Local Pack is a feature that helps a business provide their local listing. It provides a business name, address, phone number, operating hours, and can include reviews.

This feature used to sit at an appearance rate of 39% of page one SERP, but has experienced a significant 7.5% increase to a current 41% display rate. Opposite trend of the Knowledge Graph, the Local Pack is the largest increase in SERP features this year.


 This strictly mobile SERP feature is the last main SERP feature affected by June’s algorithm update. AMP, otherwise known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, is Google’s response to Facebook’s Instant Articles. It is similar to HTML and optimized for mobile-based browsing.

This feature is unique from those listed above as its data pattern differs. The other features fluctuated over the one day period of the update, and the results were immediate. However, the AMP update occurred over a two-day spike between June 29th and July 1st.

This change in data was by far the smallest percentage shift in June, only affecting less than one full percentage point. However, this shift is still significant. Back in April, AMP lost 25% of its first page showings. This increase from 15.6% to 16% signifies the feature gaining back 2% from its April fall. This spike could indicate AMP’s return to its previous glory.

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