According to a study completed by Hubspot, 40% of people will respond better to visual information than text and images are shared five times more than text on Facebook and other social media sites.

What makes infographics so great and so essential is the way they condense important data into a single canvas. A great infographic gives the user a better understanding by breaking down information into digestible, visual chunks. The easier to read your infographic is, the easier it is for it to go viral after all.  

Unfortunately, many people believe that infographics are the anti-SEO, often the images are too big, aren’t created/used properly, or they are overused. But if you use them correctly, infographics can help rather than hinder your website traffic. Just remember that with video and audio content, the same fundamental SEO rules apply: always, always use text to describe/transcribe the object.

Here are two very important and effective ways to use infographics correctly, successfully.

Make the infographic with a combination of HTML, CSS, and images.

This might not be the easiest way to do it but it is the best. You can still create something beautiful that is supported by all browsers. Using a combination of HTML, CSS, images, and even JavaScript is the most search engine friendly, it makes text available to be read by bots, and even possibly interactive.

Create a landing page for the infographic.

Just putting up an infographic up without any sort of explanation isn’t just bad for your SEO but bad for your message. It doesn’t matter if your infographic is interactive or not, an expanded page can help the user understand the information you’re trying to present further. Every landing page should include:

  • H-Tags (Headers and Titles)
  • A short description
  • Infographic with text and images
  • Alt tags and other proper meta data

At AVX Digital, we can help you create and optimize your infographics, create landing pages to display those infographics to get you the best results and improve your website traffic.

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