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Brands are flooding our inboxes, clogging our News Feed and cluttering our favorite websites as they fight for attention in a media environment that becomes more and more crowded everyday. The fight for consumer attention is tough, and figuring out ways to break through the static can be even tougher. So what is it that consumers are looking for? How can your brand’s online reputation help you stand out from the crowd?

Consumers value trust and transparency from a brand

It’s no secret that consumers today hold a large of amount of power, more power than any time before. Thanks to the internet, an average person has the ability to rally communities, voice their opinion, and even shape brands. And with these shoppers in the driver’s seat, it’s important that you provide a company they can trust. Build that trust through social media reputation management by joining online conversations. Monitor keywords and trending hashtags in order to provide input. 73% of consumers also said they are willing to pay more for a product if the brand promises total transparency. Attain some of that transparency by responding to online reviews, criticisms, and questions.

Consumers want a brand that shares their beliefs, values

We’re living in a growing socially-conscious world. With swarms of news coming out about environmental health and other global issues, there is a passion among consumers to create a positive impact. They also want the brands they shop from to be socially conscious. 49% of all consumers surveyed said they would be willing to pay more for a brand if the brand supported a cause aligned with their values. Find out what causes are important to your customer and post about them. You could get even more active by doing events such as hosting an online fundraiser. No matter how you chose to do it, let your audience know that you’re a company that cares.

Consumers want brands to let loose

Long gone are the days where brands are serious and distant from their consumers, pushing products to buy and not much else. With more and more consumers pushing for transparency, it is becoming imperative that companies show their audience a more human side. One way to get real with your audience: humor. 73% of consumers surveyed said they want their brands to be funny on social media. This could be by means of memes, quick quips, humorous videos, and so much more. Just remember to keep up with the latest news and pop culture. Posting a joke in the middle of a trending crisis could lead people to see your brand as insensitive.

How This Affects SEO

The point is to get active. Post about things that matter to your audience and your brand and be honest with them. Creating these positive, empathetic posts not only boosts your online reputation but can also improve your SEO. When a person searches a brand on Google or any other search engine, that brand’s social media pages are often one of the top pages listed in SERPs. If the company’s Facebook or Twitter page is filled with negative comments, few likes and interactions, or too few posts altogether either A. Google will penalize those pages with lower rankings or B. The brand’s image will be plagued with negativity.

Find a few more helpful social media tips on the infographic below.

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