Google Ad’s Dynamic Exclusion Lists makes it easier to avoid showing your ad in unwanted placements and audiences. With this roll out, exclusion lists are automatically updated, allowing advertisers to keep their exclusion lists relevant and protect their brand.

How Do Dynamic Exclusion Lists Work?

Previously, advertisers were able to manually exclude placements to control which sites their ads were being shown on. Dynamic Exclusion lists allows advertisers to further that control after an initial list is uploaded into the platform. “Once advertisers upload a dynamic exclusion list to their Google Ads account, they can schedule automatic updates as new web pages or domains are added, ensuring that their exclusion lists remain effective and up-to-date. This feature will be available to all users within the coming weeks”, per Google’s announcement.

Benefits Of Dynamic Exclusion Lists

Setting up and updating standard exclusion lists can be a very tedious task because it’s very manual. Uploading and adding exclusions can take time that could be better spent with other important optimizations on paid search accounts. The beauty of Dynamic Exclusion Lists is that auto generated placement negative ideas give you greater control over time management by reviewing lists that your uploaded data has generated. Dynamic Exclusion Lists allow you to exclude entire websites, content or audiences from your targeted users with Google’s Display Network.
Exclusion Lists In Google Ads:

screenshot of google ad exclusions

(Image Source: Direct Online Marketing)

One of the benefits of Dynamic Exclusion Lists is greater brand safety and control for advertisers. Users are likely to assume association between ads and the site that it is placed on. Dynamic Exclusion Lists help advertisers to prevent showing up on unwanted sites and help control brand identity. Dynamic Exclusion Lists will be available to all users within the upcoming weeks.

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