Each year, as technology continues to advance, it can be easy to overlook the tried and true methods that aren’t as new and shiny. In 2019, Statista recorded an astonishing 3.9 billion global email users. That being said, email is still a fantastic way to reach large audiences among virtually all demographics. This allows for a dynamic advertising method that can be an asset to any digital marketing strategy – building lead generation, driving site traffic, maintaining customer loyalty, and more! With any campaign, performance data has given us statistical evidence of what works, as well as what doesn’t. The AVX Digital team has compiled the top 5 tips and tricks that will help you elevate your email marketing campaigns!

1. Use Compelling Subject Lines and Preview Text

We all get hundreds of emails every single day. Most consumers will give an email only a few seconds worth of consideration before deciding to open it or ignore it. So how is your email going to stand out against the masses? Through the subject line and preview text!

This is the first impression the consumer will use to decipher if they will open the email or not.

Subject lines should be intriguing, accurately portrays what the content inside the email entails, and should avoid any type of resemblance to the gimmicky, spam-like emails that we all immediately disregard.

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The success of the subject line and preview text can be quantified by the open rate. The open rate is the percentage of successfully delivered campaigns that were actually opened by the users.

If you are unsure of the best way to phrase the subject line or preview text, A/B testing is a great tool to test the effectiveness of different variations based on the specific target audience and their preferences.

2. Craft Engaging, Yet Simplified Imagery.

Imagery within email campaigns can be attention-grabbing and can break up the content to prevent consumers from feeling overwhelmed. Although these images should enhance the content, it should not be distracting. Interactive content such as video, animations, GIFs, collapsable menus, and carousel widgets can not only give the users the opportunity to take a closer look into what the brand has to offer, but can create a memorable experience associated with the brand. Working with a creative design expert can help immensely when it comes to imagery, branding, custom designs, and more!

3. Segment Audience Lists to Customize Your Content to Each User.

Users engage with content when it is more relatable to them. By segmenting your audience into groups (demographics, purchase history, online shopping behaviors, etc.) you can customize the content to be more direct and specific to the user. Email marketing can be used for more than lead generation and site traffic. Unique campaigns can be created for abandoned cart reminders, sales promotions, loyalty programs, and more. Custom content engages the consumer with information that is meaningful to them while still communicating the objective or call to action.

4. Do Not Oversell. Drive Awareness, Then Capture the Conversion

Similar to subject lines and preview text, content that is obnoxiously overselling can expect to have poor engagement. The main objective of email marketing campaigns is to create unique messages that inform consumers and drive conversions through a clear and concise call to action. While sometimes this is to drive a purchase, call, or form submission, often times this should simply be to grow awareness for news and other happenings within an organization. Ultimately, when you are driving a purchase-centric email campaign, it should identify a problem the user may relate to and provide the a solution that will address their needs and goals. Is it subscribing to a membership, shopping an online sale, or downloading an app?  The call to action, or the next steps for the consumer, should be easily visible throughout the content of the email. Crafting content to convey the right message is essential to the effectiveness of the campaign. Working with a team of skilled professionals can help navigate this dynamic ad format.

5. Do Not Forget About the Website User Experience

Often times, advertisers focus on the email design and content, but overlook the full user journey. When crafting an email campaign, it is critical to ensure that the full experience is seamless, from subject line, to email, and ultimately, through to the website. If a user is taken to the wrong page, users can easily disengage and abandon the site entirely. Creating a smooth and effortless user experience is a crucial step in the marketing process.

In fact, if the campaign leads to any page within the website, it is important to optimize the site as a whole to encourage the user to stay on the site after the initial conversion or campaign objective has been achieved. If the user can navigate through the site with ease, it can lead to more conversions and an overall positive return on investments (ROI).

We could go on and on about the various optimizations that are available to enhance the performance of email marketing campaigns. The trick is to know your audience, understand the content they will engage with, and how you can convey your marketing message without being too pushy or overwhelming. Let your brand shine through with authentic campaigns that add value to the consumer, not just the company. By prioritizing the users’ experience, brands will see positive ROI over time.

If you are interested in email marketing and how that may look for your brand, visit avxdigital.com and contact the experts at AVX Digital for a personalized consultation and the next steps towards elevating your digital marketing strategy.



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