During the holiday season, when front porches everywhere are piled with cardboard boxes higher than the brightly-lit pine trees inside, digital marketers marvel at Amazon’s ability to inspire the loyalty and devotion of its customers. As an internet marketing leader since 2001, AVX Digital can guide you through the e-commerce jungle faster than two-day free shipping.

With Amazon’s blazing-fast penetration of the American e-commerce marvital part of any brand’s marketing efforts. Prime membership is constantly growing, and adoption of Echo smart speakers is among the fastest spread of any technology in history – Amazon makes it easy to be discovered by shoppers, and to maintain that customer loyalty in the long run. People browsing on Amazon are often ready to purchase, and customers’ comfort with the Amazon brand can help new brands get discovered by shoppers looking for a fresh option or a good deal. At AVX Digital, our years of experience as a leader in digital marketing and our close contacts at Amazon help us find the best strategies and resources to get your brand in front of those smart shoppers.

Amazon Sponsored Advertising

Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands are Amazon advertising options for sellers who currently offer products on Amazon. After an Amazon customer performs a search for a product, Sponsored Products run alongside organic product listings. These keyword-targeted ads are a great way to directly target users searching at various steps in their purchase process, and ensure your budget is spent effectively to improve sales.

To encourage new customers to discover their Amazon shops, vendors can also utilize Sponsored Brands. These keyword-targeted ads appear above Amazon search results, and clicks can lead to your brand’s specific Amazon storefront – and with AVX’s knowledge of customer behavior and best digital marketing practices, we can help customize your storefront to attract the new customers you’re looking for.

Can You Advertise on Amazon Without a Storefront?

If you don’t sell on Amazon and have no plans to, you shouldn’t feel left out of the free shipping fracas. Amazon’s programmatic advertising offering, Amazon DSP, allows marketers to purchase display and video ad space on Amazon.com and other Amazon web properties, including IMDb. Find the audiences most likely to engage with your brand, and serve them ads at the right point in their decision-making process to steer them your way. Whether you’re looking to reinforce your brand’s image, or influence consideration with savvy consumers looking for particular products, Amazon DSP is an outstanding solution to place prominent ads that keep your brand top of mind for consumers.

In a fast-paced, ever-evolving digital landscape, you might feel tempted to ask “Alexa, how do I advertise on Amazon?” Don’t rely on slap-dash how-to’s or dubious YouTube tutorials – trust the original digital marketing experts. Since 2001, AVX Digital has utilized cutting-edge technology and cultivated close relationships with industry leaders like Google and Amazon. Our experts are happy to discuss your needs and develop ongoing strategy to ensure your brand gets the best visibility for the budget – whether you’re on Google, Amazon, or wherever your next best customers are waiting.

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