Facebook has recently announced that they are increasing height allowances for image link ads on the Facebook mobile and desktop news feed. After receiving feedback that the original 1.91:1 (landscape) ratio was too restrictive to advertisers they have decided to make a 1:1 (square) ratio available for the desktop and mobile newsfeeds. Here’s what this means for advertisers:

Increased Social Real Estate

Creatives will take up more visual real estate, especially on mobile. Unlike the original rectangle ads, a square image will take up most of the length on a user’s mobile screen. Updating to the new square size is a great way to ensure that your ads are mobile optimized and take up additional space that your competitors may not be utilizing yet.

Larger Calls To Action

Advertisers can expect higher click through and conversion rates. Facebook has noted that in their initial tests of the new format they found 1:1 image ads showed significant improvements in click-through rates and conversion rates when compared to the original 1.91:1 (landscape) aspect ratio.  

Consistency Across Ad Placements

In the past designing artwork for Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network was demanding, was labor intensive and required multiple versions of ads in different sizes. With this update, advertisers have the flexibility to leverage their creatives across Facebook and Instagram. This is great for creating a consistent brand message as well as getting more mileage from creative assets. Additionally, advertisers will be able to better utilize their design hours and dollars on developing quality A/B tests instead of designing the same ad to accommodate multiple sizes.

While this update is still optional and you can still utilize the 1.91:11 (landscape) aspect ratio it’s important you start updating creative to the new square size immediately as this will ensure that your ads are mobile optimized, and making to change is deceptively simple.

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