Google Ad’s extensions are a perfect way to present advertiser’s sales and promotions during the holiday season. In the midst of setting up your holiday ads in order to capture the most relevant traffic, Promotion Extensions are the perfect way to highlight the deals and offers that attract consumers. 

Why Choose Promotion Extensions

Most agencies are trying to figure out how to make their client’s ad copy stand out from the millions of others, especially during holiday sales. Promotion extensions are unique because they stand out on the SERP and have a distinctive look and feel that is more visually appealing to users. Promotion extensions show below your ad copy in an easy to read format that’s hard to miss, giving you leverage over advertisers that haven’t adopted them. In fact, promotion extensions drive an approximate 10% CTR when they are visible. A higher CTR means more qualified users on your landing pages and a bigger opportunity to gain conversions and potential revenue. 

Aside from driving fantastic CTRs, promotion extensions help to increase the relevancy of your ad, thus boosting Quality Score. Remember, the more relevant your keywords, ad copy ( including extensions), and landing pages are, the higher your Quality Score is likely to be!


Limits of Promotion Extensions

Before set up, it’s important to consider that promotional extensions have to include a monetary discount amount or a percentage discount amount. The Google Ads platform will not allow users to click save on promotional ad extensions that do not meet that criteria.

Setting Up Promotion Extensions

Luckily, promotion extensions are easy to set up. Simply, go to the Ads & Extension tab, choose the Extensions tab and navigate to Promotion Extensions by clicking the blue and white plus sign.

From there, you can add the details needed to create and implement your extension. If there are any distinct conditions to your sale such as a promotional code or subtotal minimum, you can add that right into the extension copy and click save.

Setting up a Google ad promotion extension

One of the best features of several Google Ads extensions is the ability to load and schedule them into the Google Ad platform before the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. After you’ve set up the details of your promotion extensions, set the respective start and end dates that revolve around your client’s specific sale start and end dates. Still, it’s always best practice to double check automated actions to ensure they enable and pause on the right dates.

Setting start and end dates for ad promotion extensions

Promotion Extensions are a quick and easy way to boost your holiday performance during pivotal times of the year. Boost your campaign performance by adding Promotion Extensions today.

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