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March 8, 2019 Google introduced their latest beta “Inspirational Ads” to a short list of their premier partners. Inspirational Ads display an image and ad copy at the bottom of search results pages on mobile devices – a critical point in a customer’s consideration. These ads are clickable and will direct users to a selected landing page on an advertiser’s site.

Inspirational Ad Availability

Currently, the advertisement is only available to select advertisers, however, all ad spend is completely free for those currently approved. With the platform in beta, there is limited reporting feedback available for advertisers, but Google has provided a virtually risk-free (cost-free) advertisement opportunity as the platform scales.

As it seems so far, Inspirational Ads have been deployed from mid-to-high funnel brand awareness keywords. Nevertheless, this could lead to stronger conversion metrics as they could potentially replace paid placements at the bottom of the Google Search Engine Results Page. Thankfully, this should have little to no effect on traditional Paid Search, meaning Inspirational Ads can be seen as a no-cost test that will only enhance a brand’s marketing strategy. Many are likening the ad format to Native Advertising, or even the past eCommerce beta “Shopping Showcase Ads”.

AVX Digital’s own Paid Search Manager, Andrew Orozco, commented on this new platform by saying, “At AVX, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and ensuring our clients are visible in every ad format possible. Our standing as a Google Premier Partner gets us access to many up-and-coming ad pilots like these Inspirational Ads.”

It is an exciting time for advertisers, as the demand from brand-centric ad networks is pressuring Google into investing heavily in visually engaging ad units to drive awareness.

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