Google Showcase Ads:

Google recently invited agency partners out to their Mountain View campus to unveil some upcoming changes to their Shopping campaigns, just in time for the holiday season and because Google likes to keep us on our toes. Two of the most notable updates are the new showcase ads and absolute top impression share.

Showcase ads show information about several related products and will tend to appear more when consumers are conducting more general searches. These ads could be beneficial during the holiday season if you are looking to promote a gift guide or special holiday collections. These ads will be eligible to run on Google Shopping, Search, and Search Partners, under the standard paid search marketing format.

The new ads are simple enough to set up but are not accessible in the old AdWords platform. To create one, first, you need to set up an ad group and select the products that you want to be grouped together. The elements of the ad include a header image, an optional headline and description, and standard URL options.

Absolute top impression share is interesting, as it indicates the percentage of time your product listing ad was shown in the most prominent spot. This will give you a good insight into how you stack up against competitors, and will most likely be something worth keeping an eye on as we move into the competitive holiday shopping season. This metric is available at the campaign, ad group, and product group level.

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