According to several reports, Instagram has another new app developing in the works. The platform has recently launched IGTV earlier this year – a separate app that allows users to upload videos up to 10 minutes long or 60 minutes if you are verified. Now, the Facebook-owned platform plans to expand into e-commerce advertising, allowing users to browse goods and apparel from brands that they follow and purchase them directly through the app.

A Step in the Right Direction for Social Media Advertising?

In theory, yes – there’s potential and they have the numbers to make this work. It’s been revealed in June that Instagram has reached the 1 billion monthly active user mark. Additionally, the platform has over 25 million business profiles with 4 out of 5 users following at least one business. Therefore, this could provide an additional source of revenue for businesses and help smaller stores gain more brand awareness. But as a shopper, people may be hesitant to purchase items without having the ability to try them on or see them in person. How would returns and exchanges work? There will need to be a worthy shopping experience before people consider downloading this stand-alone app. There have been signs that the platform has already taken steps towards the e-commerce threshold. Currently, users are able to purchase goods through product tags on images that link to the store’s product page. Also, a shopping feature is currently being tested on Instagram stories that allows you to put product sticker tags within videos too – so when you swipe up, you will reach the product description page and be able to add the item to your cart. Advertisers fight the ongoing battle, matching ROI/ROAS focused data, with organic social metrics such as likes, followers and overall engagement. With Instagram potentially positioning itself as a ROI-focused channel, advertisers will be able to leverage marketing data and analytics to better serve clients than ever before!

When Can I Expect an Instagram eCommerce App?

As of now, Instagram hasn’t commented on this development, so there’s a chance it could be canceled before it’s even released. Nonetheless, if this does end up launching, there will definitely be some competition in this industry. We know for a fact that Instagram is already dominating in keeping up with new trends and styles, and all they need are people who are willing to buy it. We can think of one demographic who’ll be interested — Generation Z.

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