Luxury Brands & Digital Marketing

While most brands have started using digital marketing, there are still luxury brands that haven’t made the shift yet and still lean more towards print advertisement. Luxury, or high-end, brands were built on exclusivity which used to mean that an online presence was not needed inside the circle of existing shoppers. Now that most of its customers are now online and rely on the Internet more than they used to, it’s time that luxury brands make the jump into the online world along with their shoppers. This is why it’s important that every brand, even luxury ones, use digital marketing.

Staying Relevant

A lot of items purchased from a luxury retailer are normally not every day items that need to be repurchased often. This is why online marketing can be crucial for high-end brands to help them stay relevant with their customers by targeting and engaging them in the right places. This gives customers more access and information to the brands they love while boosting sales and making room for growth.

Boosting Sales

Now 60 percent of luxury sales are digitally influenced, which means consumers either researched a luxury good online before purchasing it in-store or directly purchased goods online. Specifically, 41 percent of shoppers research luxury goods online and buy them in-store. Even by doing something such as building a more user-friendly website or creating a social media presence, this could boost sales and build your target audience by giving them more options on how they can shop your brand.

There are now more than 85 percent of millennials and 75 percent of baby boomers who shop luxury brands who want an omnichannel approach, which is like putting a store location and online retail together for things like online promotions of in-store specials or purchasing something online and picking it up in-store. This approach could also help to increase sales.

Expanding Your Target Audience

Since most luxury brands focus on exclusivity and communicate in-person with their shoppers, it can be difficult to reach a broader audience outside of that circle. When high-end brands go online and focus on targeting their existing customers through digital marketing, it also becomes possible to reach an even larger audience they might not have been able to reach otherwise.

Digital marketing agencies can help with engaging those specific audiences through strategies and tools that they use to help promote luxury products and services. More specifically, a digital marketing agency can help you to control your message and define your brand. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that word of mouth marketing helps your brand grow, you get to be in control and have a say in how you want to market your brand to your target audience. If this sounds like what your luxury brand company needs, contact us at AVX Digital to learn more about the digital marketing services that we offer.

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