Responsive Search Ads (RSA) are an exciting Beta feature that Google offers for Search Engine Marketing within Google Ads. Responsive Search Ads allows multiple pieces of headline and description copy within an ad set and then tests and learns into which headlines with which description lines work best over time to the set KPIs. By dynamically serving different combinations of copy to each individual user, RSAs adapt to be the most relevant and informative for searchers. RSAs are delivered in the Expanded Text Ad format to maximize the value proposition communication through multiple text lines to the end user. With all of these capabilities, RSAs drive better performance and quickly help identify top copy combinations to build upon within ad groups.

What Makes Up a Responsive Search Ad

What makes a Responsive Search Ads different from standard text ads is the size and the amount of information you can express within the ads. RSAs allow for up to 15 headlines with 3 to 4 description lines. Character limits are still 30 for the headlines and 90 for the descriptions. To maximize performance and learning, use as many of the headlines and descriptions as possible. Since multiple lines can show against each other, make sure you do not have duplicate messaging within the lines.

sample responsive search ad


Remember that headlines and descriptions can appear in any order when an ad is delivered. If you have a headline or description that you want to only be served in the first position, such as a business name, you can “pin” to the desired position. Headlines can be assigned to the first, second, or third headline position and descriptions can be assigned to the first or second position.
ppc sample ad

How Responsive Search Ads Work

By properly utilizing the features of RSAs, Google can dynamically test different variations of headlines and descriptions. Once a search query triggers an ad, Google’s algorithm constructs the ad from multiple headlines and descriptions that matches the search term as close as possible. As the ad set continue to accumulate data, the algorithm will pick up on the best positions for each headline and description, allowing each ad to have optimal messaging to match search queries and possible leads.

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