Using Demographic Analysis for Content Topic Ideas

In today’s modern world, there is information being given to us every second! Though, many times the type of information we receive isn’t something we even want to read. We sift through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other news outlets just to find what grabs our attention. The same can be said about the users that visit your businesses website! They came looking for information and it is our job as digital marketers to deliver that information as easily as possible.

Understanding your audience is a major contributing factor to how well your content will be received and the type of engagement it creates within your website. In this article we aim to show you exactly how you can find your target audience and ideas on how you can start using these findings to create interesting and unique content that will not only improve your organic rankings, but keep visitors coming back for more!

Generic Overview of User Demographics:

Client: Tip Top Tailors – Men’s Clothing Brand located in Canada (Multi Locations throughout Canada)

By navigating to your Google Analytics account and selecting “Audience” on the left sidebar, it opens up some options to understand your audience.

Simply by default, you would assume that most traffic from a Men’s clothing store would be from men, and as we can see in the following graph, it is the case. Though, we do see quite a good amount of traffic coming from female users. Meaning there are opportunities for content creation to target this demographic!

With most users being from 25-34, we still do see quite a bit of visits from the 35-44 age range. This is another area of focus we need to keep in our notepad when deciding on what content we want to start producing next.

Further Discovery of Demographic Personas

Finding User Interests is another area that we want to explore to identify possible topics of discussion when creating new content. Again, navigate to the left of your analytics sidebar and locate “Interests”

As you can see, the more information we keep gathering about our users, the more tailored we can become with our future content. Now, that is not to say we want to only create content for one specific user as the wider net here is tailored for the male audience, but this does grant us more access to reach out to an audience some other men’s clothing stores haven’t!

Gathering more data points before content drilldown

Location! Location! Location! When checking on your demographics location, don’t limit yourself to just the Country. Find which cities have the highest volume to your site and make the content relative to them.

Now that we have identified 3 primary areas of our demographic it is time to put the pieces together and decide what content may be appealing to your targeted audience! In this article, we noticed an audience that maybe we didn’t realize we had before.

  • 35% of users are Women
  • 47% of users were shopping with sales or value buys in mind
  • Ontario had the market share in terms of demographic location.

By taking a step back and looking at this information, it is time to create topics based around our findings. Here are just a few content topics we decided to create specifically for this client.

Why Men are Letting Women Do Their Clothes Shopping for Them

How Men Should Dress – From A Woman’s Perspective

Finding Value Buys for Your Man on Valentine’s Day!

The point behind these topics is 100% focused on the demographic that we identified from doing our demographic analysis. Each topic represents some area of information from the graphs above. With demographic analysis you no longer need to take a shot in the dark when trying to create content!

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