In many ways, Amazon drives online shopping today. With a 40% market share on total ecommerce sales, it is the leader among digital retailers. Amazon saw a 44% rise in sales during 2020, and another estimated 15% rise in sales in 2021. They are here to say and will likely be the market leader for the foreseeable future. 

If you are a business or brand selling online, one of the best ways that your business can experience growth is by increasing the number of quality reviews you are receiving on Amazon. There are two main reasons for why this is the case.

Better Placement in Search Rankings

There is a reason that Amazon has climbed to the top of the ecommerce ladder – they understand what their customers want. Their product rankings when consumers search the site are going to be geared to what they believe will help lead to the most sales. One of the best ways they have to determine if a product is going to sell well in the future is how it has sold in the past, and how many customers have given the product a positive review.

Amazon gives preference to products that have a 4+ star rating, as they are more likely to convert into sales when a customer looks at them. To be sure, reviews are not the sole method for determining product rankings, but they factor heavily into the algorithms used by the site. If your product faces competition from other products but has no reviews, it will be very difficult for customers to even be able to find it.

Builds Customer Trust

The other reason that reviews matter on Amazon is simple – customers care about them, and take the time to read reviews before deciding on which product to buy. Roughly 93% of consumers read reviews before they decide to make a purchase, often only reading a handful of reviews or less before they make a purchasing decision.

The number of reviews and number of stars a product gets are displayed right on the search page, meaning customers can quickly and easily compare a broad overview of the review differences between products. This means that not only does your product need a high quality of reviews, but getting a larger quantity of reviews is helpful. Before the customer buys anything online, they want to make sure that our money is being well spent on a product that will give them what they are looking for. Reviews of other customers who have already tried the product is one of the best resources available.

Reviews matter when it comes to making sure your product sells as well as possible on Amazon. Use tools available to you to get more reviews on Amazon, and make sure that you are doing everything possible to give the customer a positive experience. Succeeding here will help boost your business online.

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