One of the most important factors when growing your Amazon business is to get more reviews, especially quality ones, for your products. Not only does a product with more 5-star reviews become more likely to rank higher on Amazon searches, but customers are more likely to purchase a product after reading reviews that are positive.

A 2017 study showed that 92% of customers are more likely to purchase a product after reading a positive review. Increasing the number of reviews without violating Amazon’s Terms of Service is the best way to grow an Amazon business. But how can you actually do it? Here are a few ways to get more consumer feedback.

  • Ask for more reviews via the Amazon Request a Review. From four to thirty days after a purchase, the seller can manually “Request a Review” in Seller Central. Reaching out directly to the customer allows you to offer any additional services that help them get the most out of the product they purchased, and gives them extra incentive to take the step to review your product. 

There are also third party resources that help make this process easier and a little less time-consuming. It sounds simple, but one of the best ways to generate more Amazon reviews is to simply ask your customers for them.

  • Use product inserts. Another way to ask customers for a review is to ask them via an insert with your product, such as including a postcard asking them to leave a review. This is a simple method that gets the idea into their mind and could encourage them to follow up with a product review.

There are a couple important rules to follow if you do this. First, you must remain neutral when asking for a review. Do not ask for a positive review or even include a picture of five stars – simply ask for an honest review. Next, it is a good step to provide ways for the customer to contact you if they need anything, but do not mention that they should contact you in lieu of a review if they have problems. To do that is a violation of Amazon’s ToS. 

  • Use promotions to launch products. While you cannot offer anything (such as a discount or free product) in exchange for a review, offering promotions can often be effective in encouraging reviews. Because a customer is getting a good deal on a product, that often helps them feel more inclined to leave a review. While such a strategy has to be used selectively, it can be very effective at generating more reviews for a product.

Getting more reviews can be a challenge, but it is one that can be accomplished with some hard work and the right tactics. Amazon closely monitors reviews, and any attempt to manipulate them can lead to a suspension from Amazon or the removal of the product, so it’s of the utmost importance to follow their rules closely. But if you are able to find the right strategy and grow reviews, it is a big boost to any product’s business on Amazon.

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