“Why should I pay for clicks when I can rely on the free traffic coming through my organic listings?” is a common question every Paid Search professional is asked. At AVX Digital, we believe Paid Search is an indispensable part of any digital marketing campaign and advantageous when coupled with search engine optimization.

Organic traffic is a great way to show for keywords specific to your brand. However, it can take time for your brand to show in results for non-branded terms because search engines must crawl, catalog, and understand the information on your website before they can determine if pages are relevant to searches.  If you wish to show for anything outside of brand-specific keywords, such as the products or services you offer, then activating Paid Search is the best practice for immediate results.

Organic ads show ad copy that is pulled directly from the search engine’s website-crawling programs to display within the search results page.  The ad copy that is displayed cannot be altered and may not show the ideal information your brand wants to provide. Paid Search ads allow you to customize ad copy and messaging to the specific query, giving you control of what is displayed for your brand. With that flexibility, you can test messaging to find the ideal copy to drive results through each part of the customer’s journey through the purchasing funnel. Optimal copy combined with relevant keywords results in more traffic to your site and an increased number of conversions.

Ad Extensions are Powerful Features

  • Another benefit of incorporating Paid Search into your marketing mix is the ability to utilize ad extensions. Unlike organic ads, ad extensions provide additional context and interactivity by allowing the marketer to incorporate Sitelinks, Structured Snippets, Message Extensions and Location Extensions into their ads.
  • Sitelinks showcase multiple links to different parts of your website underneath the main ad copy within the search results. They are extremely beneficial to users interested in a variety of services or products that your brand provides.
  • Structured Snippets allow the ad to display a quick list of brands, services or products offered, giving the user relevant information and your brand more real estate in the search results.
  • Message Extensions allow users to send messages to your brand like a text to ask questions or a tap to schedule an appointment. As mobile search volume continues to climb, these extensions for brand connectivity are ever more crucial.
  • Location Extensions help users find your business by showcasing your address, a map to your location, the distance to your business, or a phone number to contact your business.
  • Paid Search also gives the ability to combat your competitors who may be bidding on your brand terms or key industry terms that push your organic results further down the page.

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