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  • What services does AVX Digital offer?

    Our main services revolve around search engine optimization, website design and development, social media, paid search, and creative services. That being said, we do have a wide range of services we provide our clients. Reach out if you need something in particular!

  • What is the new client process?

    When a client reaches out, a member of our digital marketing team will reach out with more information, and go through what our services can do for them. Transparency and accountability are core pillars when partnering with our clients. We emphasize this through clearly outlined steps, client presentations, go-live dates for our products, feedback meetings, and more.

  • What does a partnership look like?

    We place great importance on working with each client to help with their individual goals and objectives and how to achieve them. Every client has a dedicated point of contact who is here to provide updates on strategy recommendation and performance, as well as answer any questions that you might have.

  • How does AVX Digital compare to the competition?

    We take great pride in our performance and accomplishment, which is why we are a Google All-Star – a select group composed of only 0.5% of all agencies! Our digital marketing experts in Miami have experience utilizing best practices for all types of clients and industries, helping us get a diverse knowledge base to draw from.

  • What is the cost to work with AVX Digital?

    There are many facets to this – we create a plan with Miami businesses that fit both their goals and their budget. Each client is different, so we develop a cost structure that fits their needs while maximizing ROI.

  • How important is cybersecurity?

    As a digital marketing agency, we understand that cybersecurity is paramount. We are certified by HIPPA, GDPR, and other security departments. We understand the ever-changing risks that could come from any security breach, and stay on top of the latest security trends to keep all information safe.


When all is said and done, performance is what matters and our team at AVX Digital understands that. We have compiled just a few of the many success stories that have led to a retention rate of over 95%! Check out a few. We’d be happy to talk you through the details!

Miami Digital Services

Digital marketing techniques and best practices are always a moving target, whether due to changes in search engine algorithms or consumer behavior. At AXV Digital, our digital marketing experts in Miami are always searching for new opportunities and new methods to best serve our clients. We work hard to be early adopters of new technologies and strategies, utilizing the outsized impact of testing. One way we did this was by becoming one of the first agencies to use TikTok to advertise, partnering with a client to create a highly regarded TikTok ad campaign.

We change our approach depending on the industry, having worked with brands all across the spectrum. This helps us leverage our experience to find opportunities that industry-specific agencies may not think about. Depending on the campaign, we can also target specific regions or audiences, honing in on the right type of customers.

While flashier methods often get the attention, we know that building a solid foundation comes first and pays off in the long run. Our services such as web design, SEO, and paid media provide the base for any business, while creative services and social media help grow brands to make them stand out in Miami and across the globe. 

We know how it all works together, which makes us eager to partner with Miami clients on marketing initiatives that simply help businesses and brands grow.


 Contact us to learn more about how we can help grow your business.