As our lives continue to be more and more focused online, we often forget the value in meeting face to face with others in our industry. Being engaged, means more than just a like on a post or a forward of an email. It means actively seeking opportunities to meet and network with like-minded individuals and those doing your job differently, more efficiently, or in digital marketing, often times – those who are disrupting the industry.  

Making the commitment to “do” more can be daunting – but if you choose wisely, the ROI of your time and effort can be exponentially increased.

Here are five reasons why you should attend an industry event. 

1. Networking

One of the largest benefits of attending an industry conference is the opportunity to network with individuals that can become valuable resources for not only referrals of business but best practices that are working for them. The fear of someone finding out your competitive advantage and thus not participating, can really limit your success. Collaboration over competition is the usual mindset of attendees at these types of events.

2. Education

The most important aspect of these events is what you can learn. This is your opportunity to become a sponge. Whether it’s a new technology, process, or vendor / supplier, the opportunity to gain knowledge from others can significantly impact your future successes.

3. Positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert

Attending summits, events or conferences is a great way for you to be seen and to start the next step of transitioning yourself into a SME in your industry. Individuals who are often asked to speak at these events are not usually someone has not heard of. These individuals are active within the industry and are working to get their name and expertise in front of the right people. If you want to take this next leap, start here.

4. Opportunity to be aware of “what’s next.”

There are only so many industry emails, tweets and webinars you can watch and read before it all starts blending together. While these are wonderful supplemental materials – getting an in-depth / front row seat at “what’s next” in your industry can spark inspiration and plans that can allow you to get ahead of the crowd. An early adopter mindset, particularly in digital marketing – can often make the difference in marketing success or failure.

5. Get Help!

Meeting others within your industry in a platform that pushes for collaboration can allow you to meet someone that has an answer or suggestion that can trigger the start of a plan or solution. Whether it’s a panel, Q&A session, or contact information that allows for follow up, this can be an invaluable opportunity to get answers or guidance.

The truth is that in-person events are more important than ever to attend. The value comes from actual connections that occur and the effort you put in to not only attend, but to collaborate and follow up.  

Join us at Frisco Digital Summit

Now that you understand the value in these types of events, choosing which event to attend can be overwhelming. As a start, we would love to have you join us at this year’s Frisco Digital Summit on September 27th from 8am to 5pm at Frisco’s own Stonebriar Country Club. Speakers from AT&T, Google, and Spotify will share how they are disrupting the industry with Chatbots, Going Beyond the Conversion, and Podcasts.  

In total we have six distinguished speakers and a panel discussion lined up with four companies who are paving the way in digital marketing. This is a full day event with two hundred attendees all who are focused on the digital marketing industry. Come collaborate and learn – we can’t wait! Space to attend is limited, so please apply today to save your spot!

Visit the Frisco Digital Summit website to learn more.

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