Stop deficient spending on your Adwords Campaign today! It’s fairly simple to lose money while managing your PPC campaign and we begin to think that some of the hints provided by Google are aimed to rob you instead of delivering the results you expect. But lucky for you, we have put together a list of simple tips that will enable you to maximize your company’s marketing investment.

1. Keyword Relevancy
Do not be tempted to add all of the keywords so practically suggested by Google, consider this, more impressions will cause more clicks and therefore more money spend when perhaps they’re not the best suggestions to begin with. Instead, focus on narrowing down to the keywords that are most relevant to your Ad and services/products provided. Make sure that your keywords have not been used in your campaign already, bidding on duplicates could harm your quality score, double check for duplicates by using Google Adwords Editor’s Find Duplicate Keywords. Also, make sure your keyword selection is not too generic as this will also cause high traffic increase resulting in high PPC cost, along with the possibility that these viewers are not ready to purchase and are simply “looking around” at the expense of your wallet.

2. Keyword Match
Don’t use Broad Match unless you have full knowledge on how it will affect your Ad or have placed all the necessary negative keywords to block out the unsuitable search queries. In most cases, Broad Match is too broad and could cause tons of traffic based on irrelevant search queries. You could use Phrase Match to control who views your Ad only when exact or close variations of your phrase are searched, or play it extremely safe and use only Exact Match of your keywords. Now, if you believe that Phase Match and Exact Match are not giving you sufficient Clicks and Conversions then try Broad Match Modifier to reach larger audiences but with more control than Broad Match. Remember to use the Adwords Campaign Experiments Tool to test and review the impact of Keyword Match changes prior to publishing your Ad, for greater insight.

3. CPC & Bidding
Ad Dilemma: Your Ad is spending too much and it’s hitting its daily budget limit before the end of day/or scheduled time!

Two things can be done to correct this issue, (1) you could increase the budget spend amount; or (2) you could maintain the budget as is and lower the CPC by reducing bids, ensuring that you spend your daily limit, while stretching the cost to every last minute of impression time. The trick to reducing bids is to check your Ad’s Average Position daily this way you know if you have room to reduce your bids and not risk a low ranking position or falling beyond the 1st search page.

4. Ad Placement Sites
Defining where to publish your Ad can be pretty tricky, it’s important to reach the correct audience and avoid displaying your ad in websites that are not bringing you money-making leads. You must know your product very well, know the audience you are attempting to target and research it. Perform search queries relevant to your products/services provided, look out for forums or blogs that could be potential placement sites. Snoop around see where your competitors are placing their Ads, do so by plugging in Google Alerts to email you a list of where their Ad is viewed. Fully consider all of your options, then monitor the Ad’s performance by running reports and therefore empowering you to build your audience for future campaigns.

5. Testing
For the most efficient Ad development and superior PPC management test frequently to understand what efforts are best for your campaign. Be advised that you should test one change at a time to clarify the impact of each transition. Also, create variations of such Ad and run A/B tests to see what gives you the best CTR results. Test and review all reports showing performance of the Landing Page, Keywords, and the Ad Copy of course for precise knowledge of Cost per Click, Conversions, and to identify what could be weighing down your campaign.

Spend your money wisely while managing your Adwords Campaign and get the best out of your pay-per-click advertising. We hope these tips will help you target the correct leads and achieve the online advertising success you set out for. Please continue reading the AVX Digital Blog for more PPC advice from the AVX internet marketing team.


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