Evolution is Inevitable

Social Media has evolved from the beginning as users and brands used to share casual pictures, thoughts, and conversations to stay connected with your inner circle; while now exploding into essential channels for personal and professional use. No matter the platform, social media is a digital stage to display your (or your company’s) brand. This can come across professionally as your business’s voice, purpose, mission, and a visual first impression to new audiences. 

When was the last time your company updated its look? Have major changes happened internally with little to no knowledge within your audience? Similar to social media, companies must evolve to accurately represent the ever-changing culture, tone, and energy of the work environment. This is best done through a thorough and strategic rebranding campaign. Using AVX Digital as an example, exactly a year ago we rebranded from Advantix Digital to AVX Digital and with it came major changes. To support our refreshed, innovative, and game-changing rebrand, we updated our name, logo, brand colors, website, and much more. 

Establish A Social Media Rebrand Strategy

Slow And Steady 

If you are in the process of rebranding, it is important to consider how you will translate the rebrand on your social media channels. Due to the value of brand recognition, you must ease your established followers into your new look and feel. Sneak peeks and awareness surrounding upcoming news will drive interest and a clear understanding that followers should expect changes coming soon. If done correctly, having the optimistic support of your followers can set the tone for the changes to come. 


Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

The mirage that social media is effortless is anything but when implementing strategic planning for businesses. A key factor to pulling off a seamless rebrand is ensuring all changes are cohesive across all platforms. This can include finding usernames or handles that are available and as similar as possible based on said availability. Debuting a new logo? Prepare in advance by resizing logos and cover images to the recommended dimensions per each platform the company is active on, as this can affect the quality of the logo if done incorrectly. Lastly, coordinate your launch date across all departments so no one jumps the gun too early.

Today’s The Day!

The day has finally arrived. All the creative preparation, local SEO updates, and the new site are ready for launch. What does that mean for social media? Update those social handles that you checked in advance, including any links to social on your website, as the updated handles could alter their URLs. Swap out to the new profile pictures, change your name in your profile, and update your website’s URL in your bio if that has also changed. Now it’s time to tell the digital world with your reveal! Plan posts to show off your new logo, brand colors, name, and more.

Consistency is Key

The excitement doesn’t end there. Social media posts should maintain consistency by sticking closely to the new brand’s colors, style, and messaging. This doesn’t mean posts must all be the same prominent color, but staying in an established brand pallet will leave your feed looking more tied together and strategically planned to display an aesthetic that is unique to your brand. 

Instagram Feed Before Rebrand:

Instagram Feed After Rebrand: 

Community Management, It’s Your Time To Shine

Congratulations! You’ve successfully rebranded your social media! For the weeks and months ahead, it’s important to keep an eye on the reception received from your followers. Confusion, questions, and feedback should be anticipated and actively monitored to provide timely responses. Leaving confused followers could create a negative impact on your reputation so we encourage you to prioritize this phase of the rebranding process. 

As we’ve uncovered the multitude of elements that go into rebranding in just the social media world, there is so much that goes into a full-blown rebrand project. If your company is looking for a refreshed look and feel but aren’t sure where to start, contact AVX Digital today! Our experts hall of your desired rebranding needs. 

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