Do you ever feel that, despite the high volume search terms and relevant ads you’ve added into your account, you’re missing something?

Typically, that feeling leads most search marketers to scour Search Query Reports (SQR) and mine for relevant keyword additions. While SQR’s remain a vital component of campaign optimization, Google Ads has given search marketers another tool to bridge the gap between relevant user’s search queries and landing pages that matter to those queries, Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs).

4 Key benefits of dynamic search ads

How does targeting with Dynamic Search Ads Work?

Dynamic Search Ads automatically generate categories inspired by high traffic landing pages on your site. DSA ads don’t use traditional keywords but rely on a user’s search terms as they relate to the most relevant landing page on your site.

The best way to set up DSA ads is to construct each ad group with Google’s suggested categories. While operators do not have the option to construct their own unique DSA themes, you can decide which specific pages on your website you’d like to target. Although Google Ads constructs these themes for operators, not all landing pages on a website are relevant at all times. For example, seasonal landing pages or temporal event-triggered content may not be relevant for users all year. Google’s option to choose pages allows for more concise targeting.  The ability to decide which landing pages to target comes in handy when a website’s most trafficked landing page is a holiday-inspired blog that may not be applicable throughout the year. 

How Can Dynamic Search Ads Benefit Your Current Campaigns?

In most cases, you can count on DSAs to drive incremental traffic to your site with a high likelihood of conversion. Since DSAs typically drive more site traffic, we recommend checking your bidding strategy for your KPIs, like Cost per Acquisition (CPA) or Conversion traffic, for further optimization. 

Benefits of Dynamic Search Ads

Smart Bidding Strategies can help to regulate max Cost per Conversion (CPC) or max CPA caps, bringing you the results you want, while still being efficient. Google Ad’s Target CPA bidding strategy can be especially helpful when actualized CPAs are higher than your goals.   

When to Avoid DSA Campaigns

While DSAs can prove to be highly effective for most of our clients, clients who have frequently changed websites do not always see success. If site content has consistent and drastic changes, Google Ads has less content to learn and create relevant categories from, leading to campaign inefficiencies. We recommend leveraging DSAs on top content pages that stay relatively consistent over time and speak to the core value propositions of the site and, separately, testing into new pages in a strategic way. 

Are Dynamic Search Ads The Next Step To Bring Your Paid Search Efforts To The Next Level?

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