New Technologies for a More Innovative Era

At the start of 2020, Walmart Media Group announced its newest program, Walmart Advertising Partners. This is a new ad-tech platform that will astonish eCommerce brands looking to be more visible to the right consumers and hands-on with how to produce more effective results with their ad spend. Brands using this new ad program are promised more control and transparency for their Sponsored Product campaigns. 

Why is Walmart Media Group a big deal? 

Almost 160 million consumers shop with Walmart either online or in-store on a weekly basis, which is instant accessibility to a large melting pot of different audiences to market towards. Walmart is able to use its collection of data and behavior from shoppers to enhance targeted advertisements to consumers with a higher propensity to purchase from that specific brand. Sponsored Product campaigns are not limited to but can also be featured on VUDU, Walmart’s video-on-demand platform. 

Technological Collaborations

In 2019, Walmart expanded its advertising technology through the acquisition of Polymorph Labs, an advertising startup that uses automated supply-side ad-buying systems across multiple channels to provide more relevant digital ads to consumers. Polymorph has benefited Walmart’s advertising program with its high-speed ad servers, self-serve interfaces, and real-time auctions across a wide variety of ad-pricing models such as cost per click, cost per impression, and cost per conversion. With this technology, advertisers are able to implement calculated ad targeting and use Polymorph’s measurement tools with ease, much like with the Google Ads & Microsoft (Bing) Ad Networks for paid search.

The collaboration between Walmart’s existing technology and the acquisition of Polymorph is in perfect advertising harmony. Advertisers can easily select their most relevant audience segments, automate ad delivery, and evaluate ad effectiveness. Some of the measurements that are crucial to understanding a brand’s advertising performance are the number of exposed shoppers, add to cart, and return on ad spend (ROAS). This gives brands the ability to control their ad spend due to better transparency and relevancy to consumers on such a large scale that only Walmart and few others can provide. 

Partners for the Partners

Walmart Media Group has rounded up some of the industry leaders in third-party ad-tech platforms to help brands optimize this advertising opportunity. Between Flywheel Digital, Kenshoo (also partnered with AVX Digital), Pacvue, and Tieka Metrics, comprehending the analytics of advertising effectiveness per each independent brand are made easy. 

While this all may seem new, managing, evaluating performance data, and optimizing advertising is something AVX Digital has done since 2001. It is exciting to see new implementations and partnerships that bridge the gap between marketplaces, brands, and consumers. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about Walmart Media, contact us to speak with one of our digital strategists!

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