Kenshoo Adoption

This May, AVX Digital adopted Kenshoo, a platform that aids in the management of our paid search advertising campaigns. The paid search team at AVX is fully certified in Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, along with years of working experience, but Kenshoo includes a number of features that aid in pay-per-click campaign management, and makes our team more efficient and effective.

Benefits & Automation

Budget Management

The biggest benefit of Kenshoo is budget management & optimization. We work very closely with our clients when diagnosing their needs and determining campaign goals, and want to ensure every dollar spent brings value to the client. Kenshoo is capable of not only setting budget limits based on weekly or monthly spend goals, but also adjusting daily budgets based on long-term performance trends. If a campaign generates better results on a certain day of the week or month, Kenshoo’s algorithm learns those trends, and automatically allocates more budget towards times when that campaign delivers better performance.

Bid Optimization

Working in tandem with budget management, Kenshoo’s bid optimization is another vital feature improving the performance and efficiency of AVX’s paid search efforts. Kenshoo’s algorithm monitors a variety of performance metrics for every single keyword in a campaign, including cost per click, click through rates, conversion rates, and more. If a keyword is generating a high number of conversions, it’s likely that Kenshoo will raise that keyword’s bid. If a keyword is spending too much money compared to a campaign’s budget, that bid will automatically fall to a more reasonable amount.

Efficiency & Time Saved

Using Kenshoo has increased our efficiency in managing paid search campaigns. Previously, we used a Google script to manage paid search budgets. Though it provided some control over our campaigns, we were still required us to check in on every budget, every day. Kenshoo’s ability to adjust budget daily based on traffic – and our trust that campaigns will not spend over monthly limits – saves our paid search team at least 3 hours per week. This time is much better spent performing strategic analysis and finding large-scale opportunities to grow our clients’ business. If you’re interested in seeing how AVX and Kenshoo can meet your goals and expand opportunities for your business, get a free audit today.

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