Why SEO Helps Paid Search

November 17, 2022 | Avx Digital

Paid search can help your business by improving brand awareness, reaching new customers, and driving more traffic to your website. The organic traffic you receive from search engines is essential when determining your success in paid search. Search query is one of the most popular ways to find on [...]

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How to Get Your Brand on Connected TV

June 1, 2022 | AVX Digital

Connected TV is quickly becoming a powerful medium for brands to reach consumers and cut through banner blindness with powerful targeted and contextual ads. Developing a successful Connected TV strategy requires thinking critically about your audience and creative strategy and when done well can pro [...]

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Managing Marketing Spend During Economic Uncertainty - Featured Image - 775x525

Managing Marketing Spend During Economic Uncertainty

May 3, 2022 | AVX Digital

In times of economic uncertainty, marketing spend is usually what gets cut first because it's incredibly easy to adjust a budget or pause entire blocks of campaigns - but should marketing be the first place your business looks to conserve cash or is cutting budget a move that can worsen existing cha [...]

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Remarketing Campaign

Common Reasons Your Remarketing Campaign Isn’t Working

April 19, 2022 | AVX Digital

Remarketing campaigns can be a great source of revenue but for many brands, remarketing is a poor performing channel because of overly broad audiences, mismatched messaging and poor funnel design. If your remarketing campaign is a cost center rather than a revenue driver, here's our list of commo [...]

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How to Generate Leads in Competitive Industries for Less

How to Generate Leads in Competitive Industries for Less

April 13, 2022 | AVX Digital

Generating leads for ultra competitive industries can seem like a prohibitively expensive process. The reason is that for the last two decades brands have been stuck in thinking the only way to consistently generate inquiries is through high dollar Google Ads campaigns and hoping that over time with [...]

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How to Prepare for Performance Max Campaigns

March 9, 2022 | AVX Digital

In October of 2020 Google announced the launch of Performance Max campaigns as the company continued to push for new automated ways to target audiences online. After a year of testing Google then decided earlier this year to not only make them available to all advertisers but to replace existing sma [...]

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Emerging Ad Platforms You Need to Test in 2022

February 16, 2022 | AVX Digital

Just 5 years ago, if your brand was running campaigns on Google and Facebook/Instagram it was likely you were reaching 95+% of your audience between both platforms. However we now live in a world where Tiktok got more traffic than Google in 2021 and a society that no longer sees Facebook as cool [...]

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Preparing Your Brand for the End of Expanded Text Ads

February 9, 2022 | AVX Digital

At the end of June 2022, Google and Bing will shift search advertising with one of the biggest changes in years. The traditional text ads that many advertisers have been writing and using since the early 2000s will be replaced by responsive search ads that will limit reporting and optimization oppor [...]

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Google to merge Phrase Match and Broad Match Modified

Say Goodbye to Broad Match Modified

August 1, 2021 | AVX Digital

Google to merge Phrase Match and Broad Match Modified for Paid Search Google is always trying to improve their understanding of how users search and what the intent of each search is as the company strides to make it easier for businesses to reach their customers. In February, Google announced that [...]

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dynamic exclusion lists

Manage Negative Placements With Dynamic Exclusion Lists

June 2, 2021 | AVX Digital

Google Ad’s Dynamic Exclusion Lists makes it easier to avoid showing your ad in unwanted placements and audiences. With this roll out, exclusion lists are automatically updated, allowing advertisers to keep their exclusion lists relevant and protect their brand. How Do Dynamic Exclusion Lists Wor [...]

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