What are Display and Banner Ads?

First of all, what are display ads exactly?  Display ads are the image ads you see on websites that are usually along the top and sides of web pages. These visually appealing image ads appear on specific sections of the site that are specifically reserved for paid advertising and are aimed at generating a quick conversion.

What are the Most Effective Display and Banner Ad Sizes?

According to Google, the most effective display ads include:

  • 336×280 or 300×250 pixel rectangles
  • 300×600 pixel half-page ads
  • 728×90 or 320×110 pixel banners

Display and Banner Image Ad Sizes

What are the best display Image ad sizes to use?  The wider banner ads generally perform better than their taller, narrower counterparts.

Below is a list and examples of some of the display ad sizes we use at AVX Digital:

  • 970×250 – Billboard. A large ad format used above the main content. The ad’s size increases the ad’s viewability and engagement.
  • 970×90 – Large Leaderboard. Significantly bigger than the standard leaderboard, this size gives you more room to communicate and engage with readers.
  • 728×90 – Leaderboard that performs well above the navigation bar and/or main content.
  • 768×640 – Tablet Landscape.
  • 468×60 – Banner ad that is typically used when space can’t fit the 728×90 and is placed above the navigation bar and/or main content or between content sections with the web page.
  • 300×1050 –  Portrait ad used on left or right sidebar to replace 300×250 ad zone or 160×600 ad zone.
  • 160×600 – Wide Skyscraper ad that has high demand inventory and is used along the left and right sidebars.
  • 120×600 – Skyscraper ad used along the left and right sidebars.
  • 160×90 – A vertical medium-sized ad that is used in small ad zones.
  • 300×600 – Half page ad that provides high viewability and engagement for advertisers.
  • 336×280 – Large rectangle ad that performs well in side-bar and especially between organic content.
  • 300×250 – Medium rectangle ad that also performs well in the sidebar and especially between organic content.
  • 250×250 – Square ad that is used in smaller spaces that cannot accommodate the 300×250 ad size.

Mobile Images and Mobile Ad Sizes for Devices

Mobile ads are available in the following sizes for iPhone, Android, and other smartphones.

  • 320×480  –  Portrait Ad
  • 300×250  – Medium Rectangle
  • 320×100 – Large Mobile Banner
  • 300x 50 – Small Banner
  • 320×50 – Mobile Leaderboard

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