You can create a Cyber Monday campaign, put up graphics, and make sure your website is updated. You can also install tracking software to see how people interact with your site.

Create a Cyber Monday Campaign

A great way to increase your brand’s visibility on Cyber Monday is to create a campaign specifically for the event. You can do this using various marketing tools, such as email marketing, social media, and even video marketing. Creating a campaign will help you focus your efforts and ensure that as many people see your message as possible.

Make Sure Your Website Is Up-To-Date

If you want your customers to find you on Cyber Monday, you must ensure your website is up to date.  You will need to have all graphics and content ready. You can also use a tool like Google Webmaster Tools to ensure your site displays correctly on various search engines. If your website isn’t up to date, your customers may not be able to find you and your business.

Tracking Your Results

To track your Cyber Monday campaign success, you can use Google Analytics to track how many people visited your website and what they did. ClickFunnels and LeadPages can create landing pages and forms that capture customer data. If you want to track your social media activity, you can use Hootsuite and Sprout Social.


Another tip to ensure your brand is successful this Cyber Monday is to double-check that all social media accounts are active. You can also consider creating promotional videos and ads.


Be sure you’re using all the necessary resources this year to your brand’s advantage for a successful and profitable Cyber Monday. To learn more about leading successful campaigns for Cyber Monday and all year round, contact AVX Digital.


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